Automatic gripping system of Meiborui mold processing center

Membrane Keypad and Switch Manufacturer-MEIBORUI    new    Automatic gripping system of Meiborui mold processing center
  • Meiborui has a 30- years history. In the past few years, history has witnessed, Long time ago many of our products were printed the contact information on the flexible cable before delivery, The purpose is to enable customers to find us in the first time. we always be there if customer inneed. After the baptism of time, our equipment is gradually updated. Die cutting from the original hand held mold into automatic mold holding machine, Integrated system that combines automatic gripping and laser cutting. Through the practice of automatic gripping system from last year to the present practice, the quality of the mold is good and efficient, which greatly enhances our competitiveness in the mold. Invisibly shortening the delivery time of the product. We also target the needs of different customers. For special products, we also have cold-punching molds and steel molds with very high precision.It is through the improvement of product quality control and efficiency that we deepen the reform of the enterprise and will inform the new and old customers by this. We are very different from the past.The customers can't evaluate us with previous samples and products, and let our partners re-recognize us in different way.
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