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Copper Flex FPC/PCB Integrated Assemble Membrane Switch

FPC (Flexible Printed Board) membrane switch used FPC material which is common in manufacturing membrane switch. Due to the circuit's material, the circuit not only has movable, curved and torsional properties, and it also has the advantages of excellent electrical properties, dielectric properties and heat resistance, which is advantageous to the thermal diffusion. At the same time, it overcomes the characteristics of the increase of resistance caused by the thin line of the ordinary silver paste. It can also weld many different kinds of components at the same time. Moreover, the ordinary membrane switch don't have these characteristics. If there has special environment requirements in use, or some of the design, we can use FPC to carry out it. Membrane is not specifically required, you can use the common matte PC, glossy PC or PET which is high demanded.




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